Search and Apply for Education and Teaching Jobs with the New Protocol

Search and Apply for Education and Teaching Jobs with the New Protocol
Features include the ability to browse, search and apply for jobs; register as a candidate; upload CVs and other supporting documents, and keep up to date with the latest Protocol Education news and information. A key feature within the app enables …
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4 Ways To Use Facebook To Find A Job
Kevin Mueller was in his last semester at Miami University in Ohio and he hadn't yet landed a post-graduation job. So he jumped when his marketing professor posted a status update with a link to a job opening at Launchsquad, a PR firm in San Francisco.
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Students start job search at Lake Zurich High School Career Fair
Eric Hamilton, the high school's assistant principal for curriculum and instruction, said the goal was to expose students to the notion that careers in certain industries aren't confined to the traditional jobs one might initially think. “In medicine …
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Study Shows Value of Centenary’s Liberal Arts Education

Shreveport, LA (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

Workers with liberal arts bachelors degrees earn more at their career peak than those with professional or pre-professional undergraduate degrees, according to a new study. The report How Liberal Arts and Sciences Majors Fare in Employment was released today.

The value of a degree in the liberal arts and sciences is one of the best kept secrets in higher education, said Matt Bailey, Senior Director of External Relations at Centenary College of Louisiana. Many institutions today offer preparation for starting a job in a particular field. At Centenary, we are preparing our graduates for success throughout their careers as they advance to their third or fourth or fifth job. A liberal arts education develops leaders who can overcome challenges, adapt to the changing world, and weather economic shifts to achieve career success over decades. So the findings of this study come as no surprise to us.

The report responds directly to families concerns about the value of a higher education, especially one in a liberal arts or sciences discipline. The study found that four out of five employers seek candidates who have broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences. Ninety-three percent of employers agree that critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are at the center of a liberal arts education, are more important than a workers undergraduate major. The study also reported that the unemployment rate for both recent liberal arts graduates and mature workers with liberal arts degrees is well below the national average.

This report mirrors what those who teach in liberal arts institutions have argued for some time, said Centenary Professor of Economic David Hoaas. An education rooted in the liberal arts not only makes individuals productive global citizens, but it also leads to increased lifetime earnings. The world needs and has always needed individuals who have a firm foundation in critical thinking skills.

The report was published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and the National Center for Higher Education Management System (NCHEMS) with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Spencer Foundation, and the Teagle Foundation. More information can be found online at


About Centenary College of Louisiana

Centenary College of Louisiana is a selective, residential, national liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Founded in 1825, it is the oldest chartered liberal arts college west of the Mississippi river and is a member of the Associated Colleges of the South.

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Most New Jobs Dont Require College Education

Most New Jobs Dont Require College Education

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Minorities Are More Likely to Believe Education Will Help Their Careers

Minorities Are More Likely to Believe Education Will Help Their Careers
Blacks and Hispanics are more likely than whites to believe that their careers could benefit from more education or skills training. The new College Board/National Journal Next America Poll shows that Americans' attitudes on education split along …
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Ian Miller's career-high 20 points help FSU rout Tennessee-Martin 89-61
Miller, a senior guard, overcame his injuries and came off the bench to score 13 of his career-high 20 points in the first half, finishing 5 of 5 from the floor and 7 of 7 from the free-throw line, as Florida State defeated Tennessee-Martin 89-61 on …
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Childrens Art Education Expert Bette Fetter Launches New Blog on Visual Learning Styles at

Chicago, Il (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Our current test-focused education system is failing the majority of students who need to learn visually. After more than 20 years teaching children, building curriculum and researching the impact of art on childrens education, Bette Fetter, founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts Franchise, shares her insights with parents and educators in a new blog and book titled Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers. Both the book and blog are powerful tools for parents, educators, and anyone interested in improving educational outcomes for all learners.

The Being Visual blog provides tips and tricks designed to help your child learn better, make homework easier and increase your childs self-confidence in the classroom. Each blog post takes this conversation further, sharing directed, how-to information for parents of visual learners, including detailed activities, quizzes and tips for parents to help instill successful study techniques and learning habits. Covered topics include:

????Understanding your childs learning style
????Tips and tools to make homework easier and school more interesting
????Study and writing techniques for visual students
????The importance of art in a childs development and education
????Visual needs of students with autism, ADD and dyslexia

In her new book, Being Visual (available September 2012), Fetter shares what her experience, clinical research and educational experts have to say about the way children learn, ways to improve education, and the value of arts on developing minds.

About the Author

Bette Fetter, Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts, Inc., began her career as a professional artist with a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. Through her education, participation in various forms of the arts and experience with Montessori education, Bette gained first-hand understanding of the value of the arts on developing young minds.

Her passion for the arts and early childhood education led Bette to develop Young Rembrandts, a unique teaching methodology focused on developing foundational art and drawing skills in young children. Bette franchised her business, and what began 24 years ago with eight kids at her kitchen table now reaches tens of thousands of children nationally and internationally.

While writing Being Visual, Bette received her MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Bette is the President of Brilliant Arts, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide and support arts programs for children that aid in the development of neural and cognitive learning skills. Overall, Fetters mission is to reach children and adults alike in order to raise generations that value the power, the passion and the significance of art.

Visit Bettes Being Visual blog, at

About Young Rembrandts

Founded in 1988 by Bette Fetter, Young Rembrandts has become a recognized leader in art education. What began as one person, working with children in her home, has developed into an international business that teaches drawing to tens of thousands of students every week. Fetter applied her fine arts education and background in child development to create an original, step-by-step method to teach children drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts.

Research and education experts say what Young Rembrandts has always delivered: there is a significant correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom. Children who learn to draw using the Young Rembrandts method develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills, order and sequencing abilities, visualization, and self-discipline as well as fundamental art skills. Its original curriculum introduces concrete ideas and techniques that enlarge visual vocabularies, enrich imaginations and develop young minds.

Today, Young Rembrandts partners with pre-schools, elementary schools and community centers to either augment or supply their art education programs, giving children ages 3 ? to 12 an academic advantage in the classroom. Young Rembrandts has a solid reputation for offering well-organized classes and teaching original, high quality curriculum in a positive environment.

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Assembly Member Mary Hayashi Honors Dr. Leroy Morishita for Excellence in Higher Education

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

Assembly Member Mary Hayashi (D-Hayward), vice chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, announced that Dr. Leroy Morishita will receive the Excellence in Higher Education Award on May 14, 2012 at the State Capitol. The recognition is part of the California State Assemblys annual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month awards ceremony.

Dr. Morishita has been an outstanding leader for education, and a dedicated advocate for Asian and Pacific Islander communities, stated Assembly Member Hayashi. He serves as a tremendous inspiration for young people.

Dr. Leroy Morishita is the fifth president of California State University, East Bay. He was appointed to the position in January 2012, after serving as interim president for six months. Previously, he was executive vice president for administration and finance, as well as chief financial officer at San Francisco State University.

Dr. Morishita has dedicated his career to advancing higher education, with more than 30 years of experience as an administrator and an educator. His work has spanned diverse areas from counseling, computer sciences and research, to budget planning and finance. He has been involved with his local communities, serving as a trustee of the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, and was a former board member for the Japanese Cultural and Community Center for Northern California and Oaklands Asian Community Mental Health Services

The Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus hosts the annual Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Awards ceremony, which is now in its seventh year. The ceremony features awards to recognize Asian Pacific Islander American trailblazers who have achieved excellence in the fields of business, civil rights, labor, law, new media, education and public service.

Assembly Member Hayashi is the Chair of the Business, Professions, and Consumer Protection Committee and serves the 18th Assembly District, which includes San Leandro, Hayward, Dublin, most of Castro Valley and Pleasanton, and a portion of Oakland, as well as the unincorporated areas of Ashland, Cherryland, San Lorenzo and Sunol.

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The Education of Google's Larry Page

The Education of Google's Larry Page
As for the parts of their sites that rivals do make available to Google's search engine, such as individual tweets or profile pages on Facebook—Page dismisses the idea that Google should do a better job of getting those to show up in its search …
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White House Seeks Summer Jobs Apps
By Larry Kahaner InformationWeek The White House has announced its first White House Code Sprint, challenging developers to build job search apps for young people looking for jobs. The apps, which can be built for browsers, social networking platforms, …
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Ramapo job fair draws hundreds in search of work; area has among state's
He's been unable to land a new job since, but he continues to search. On Tuesday, Mirth was one of hundreds of people who filed into the Eugene Levy Fieldhouse at Rockland Community College for the college's 14th annual job fair.
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Missouri Center for Career Education – Integrating Curriculum

Missouri Center for Career Education – Integrating Curriculum
from Integrating Curriculum
Price: USD 0
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GOOD NEWS – State Career Education Leaders Say “Entrepreneurship Skills Are Extremely Important for the Future”

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

The 6th Annual National Entrepreneurship Week is featuring local entrepreneurs such as Joe Russell of Russell’s Cycling + Fitness, a bicycle shop in Washington, IL.????This entrepreneur demonstrated his interest in mentoring the students of the Business Entrepreneurship Class at Washington Community High School, in the winning video interview for “Hot Shot Entrepreneurs”. YouTube link The competition was sponsored by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education with the winning video posted on the National Entrepreneurship Week website.????

Entrepreneurship Education, like this Illinois program, is alive and well in most of the United States, with various types of action being taken to support entrepreneurship as a career choice in the public schools of different states.

SURVEY OF STATES – To honor the 6th annual celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, the host (The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education) conducted a survey of the state education leaders to determine “THE STATE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION, 2012”. The goal was to explore where each state stands on providing entrepreneurial experiences with emphasis on K-12 programs.

Most significant from the survey, 80% of the states said “Entrepreneurship skills are extremely important to the future.” However, for the most part, these state leaders have not taken major steps to include entrepreneurship education in the curriculum. Important results included:

????More than two-thirds of the states said “they have standards that include entrepreneurship competencies”. Even more said they “offer separate classes in entrepreneurship” (76%), and almost all (90%) said the “colleges offered entrepreneurship education.”

????When asked if their teacher training/certification had requirements for teacher preparation to support entrepreneurship education, 80% said “no” or they were “not sure”. When you consider that most teachers have not been entrepreneurs it seems obvious that this is a major area of needed teacher preparation.

????When asked how entrepreneurship was taught in their state, 75% said “optional use of business plan development in various courses” followed by 44% that said “they have summer camps for selected students”. The concepts of “problem-based learning activities”, a series of “entrepreneurial experiences”, “preparation for questions on state tests”, and “opportunities for advanced placement credit” were not identified as frequently used.???? The dependence on a written business plan as preparation for starting a business is a limiting educational approach. However this is often the only answer in both high schools and colleges.

????The Consortium is delighted that 78% of the states reporting, said that data from the Consortiums newsletters focusing on the FORUM, webinars, and websites regarding the development of the entrepreneurial climate have been used to enhance entrepreneurial education in their state.

We invite all interested in nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset with American youth to see the entire report, entitled “THE STATE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION 2012” at under “Hot Topics”. We are particularly encouraged by the state leadership that is now moving toward including entrepreneurship competencies in state educational standards.

CELEBRATIONS EVERYWHERE – Across the nation there are major events being staged this week at state and local venues during this, the 6th annual National Entrepreneurship Week. Educators and entrepreneurs alike recognize the importance of the contributions of American risk-takers as they create jobs and build the economy. Many governors are showing their support for “free enterprise” with state proclamations for the Week. The Consortium’s website is a collection of pictures, stories, and events created by the network of those that believe….

“Entrepreneurs are not ‘born’ … rather they ‘become’ through the experiences of their lives.”

Parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and community leaders everywhere will want American Youth to seek their opportunities to become self-reliant and develop the skills to create their own future.????



The members are champions for “entrepreneurship education” at all levels of education and across all disciplines in America and the world. We encourage education leaders everywhere to join us in sharing ideas for empowering youth and adults to recognize the opportunities of an entrepreneurial career and develop the knowledge and skills that lead to success. We believe that multiple education experiences are all part of preparing students to be the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

The Consortium was created by the International Enterprise Academy at the Ohio State University in 1980 and has become a private, non-profit corporation since 1998. The Consortium provides an annual national professional development conference for teachers, created and supports National Entrepreneurship Week, maintains websites and produces regular newsletters sharing the work of its members and the field of entrepreneurship education.

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