Misleading job application from Dunbar football coach

Misleading job application from Dunbar football coach
FORT MYERS, Fla.- An assistant Dunbar football coach, suspended last week, appears to have misled the lee county school district with his job application. Patrick Boston is currently suspended with pay… pending an undisclosed criminal investigation.
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Your Job Application Says More Than You'd Think
Unfortunately, many people think they can put together a job application. They usually see the cover letter as a lot of effort and don't do one at all, or if they do, it broadcasts all kinds of things about the person who wrote it that the person is …
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If Coach Pete had his way, Broncos wouldn't have theirs

If Coach Pete had his way, Broncos wouldn't have theirs
He did that at Boise State, where few would have paid attention (and fewer would have offered him countless opportunities at big-money jobs) if not for the Broncos' signature performances against high-level competition – such as Oregon (twice …
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Don't Rush Through Life: Give Yourself Permission to Rest and Relax
I was taking a break between jobs after much needed rest – my mother was sick most of the year and passed away in April. I finally had a chance to do whatever I wanted– take a nap, go to the beach, … And there are places in the world where people do …
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Biddeford Market Basket manager hoping for resolution, return to normalcy
“At a place like Albertsons (a large U.S. grocery chain), employees couldn't pick the CEO out of a lineup,” he said. “With (Demoulas), he would walk in, shake my hand and ask me about my kids.” That loyalty is … Steve Paulenka, another of the eight …
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Career Coach Interview: How To Choose a Career Path

Classy Career Girl’s (http://www.classycareergirl.com) Networking Challenge Interview #11 with Dennece McKelvy. Dennece is a Career and Executive Coach and t…

Marc Kronish- The Job Launch Coach – The Job Launch Coach: Career Development and Job Opportunities for Job Seekers of the New Online Jobs Marketing Age

Marc Kronish- The Job Launch Coach – The Job Launch Coach: Career Development and Job Opportunities for Job Seekers of the New Online Jobs Marketing Age
from The Job Launch Coach: Career Development and Job Opportunities for Job Seekers of the New Online Jobs Marketing Age
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Kicking Coach Michael Husted and Punting Coach Craig Hentrich Announce Their College Prep Kicking Camp for High School Kicking Specialists

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2012

Retired nine year NFL kicker Michael Husted and retired seventeen year NFL punter Craig Hentrich have scheduled their College Prep Kicking Camp in Nashville, TN for June 23-24, 2012. The goal for the College Prep Camp is to help high school kickers prepare for both college sports and life after college.

Husted, who played for the University of Virginia, says he knows first-hand the value of playing sports in college.

Playing in the NFL is a privilege that only a few people get to enjoy, says Michel Husted, who played in the NFL for 9 years. But regardless how few kicking specialists become pro football players, I believe that playing football in college provides student athletes with a great opportunity to leverage their sport to get a great college education.”

Husted says playing sports in college and perusing an athletic scholarship goes far beyond just the cost of attending college. He says it also gives athletes skills that will help them for the rest of their life.”

The intangibles that a young athlete receives from playing college football while earning a degree will surely set a solid foundation for the rest of their life, says Husted. Whether that is a career in the NFL or in another profession like a doctor, lawyer, executive or teacher. Playing sports in college helps an athlete get ready to take on any challenge in life.

Husted says the College Prep Kicking Camp will focus on college topics such as Time Management; Student-athlete Resources; Class Scheduling: and the Greek System for college preparation. He says athletic preparation topics include Field Goals; Kick Offs and Punting; Holding; Strength and Conditioning and Mental Fitness.

Husted created a new website for the College Prep Camp at http://www.collegeprepkickingcamp.com that has all College Prep Camp event information and the ability to register for the event.

ABOUT MICHAEL HUSTED: Michael is a retired 9 Year NFL kicker. Michaels consistency on field goals and power on kick offs won him the job as an undrafted rookie. Michael went on to have a successful rookie season where he was named to Football Digests All Rookie team.

During his time with the Tampa Bay Bucs, Michael established several records including all-time leading scorer (502 pts.); longest field goal (57 yards); most 50+ field goals (10). Michael attended the University of Virginia. During his time with the Cavaliers, he was the kick off specialist during his freshman and sophomore seasons. He then handled all kicking duties his junior and senior seasons.

During his senior campaign, he connected on 13-16 field goals and was named a Lou Groza semi-finalist. Michael also had a total of 95 touchbacks during his college career, the most in UVA history.

For more information about kicking coach Michael Husted go to http://www.michaelhustednflkicker.com

ABOUT CRAIG HENTRICH: During the course of his career, Hentrich played in 241 games, tied for fifth in NFL history among punters. His 1,150 career punts are tied for seventh place in NFL history.

One of the leagues top specialists in terms of ball placement, his career 36.8-yard net average ranks 10th in the NFL in the 33 seasons the statistic has been tracked. Likewise, his total of 34.7 percent of punts placed inside the 20 yard line ranks second all-time in league history.He earned two Pro Bowl honors, played in three Super Bowls including one Championship, and his teams reached the playoffs in 10 of his 16 playing seasons. He is one of only two players in NFL history to record 100 postseason punts.

Career Coach Catherine Morgan & Online Maven Diane Dolinsky-Pickar to Launch Google+ Office Hours Hangout For Job Search and Mid-Career Transition

Tarrytown, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

Point A to Point B Transitions, Inc. and Mojo40 today announced that Catherine Morgan and Diane Dolinsky-Pickar, the founders of their respective companies, will be available for Q&A LIVE and ONLINE at their Google+ personal pages. All job seekers and mid-career professionals who would like to gain clarity on where to find opportunities and how to approach the rocks in their path, are invited to call in and quiz the experts. At the Office Hours Hangout, participants can ask questions ranging from specific ways to improve ones LinkedIn profile to how to use free online tools for better marketing, or how to craft a Unique Value Proposition that helps a candidate stand out. Any and all queries are welcome.

This event will be repeated four times in February 2012, every Tuesday from 1-2 PM Eastern. There is no need for advance registration, although it is beneficial to connect online with the speakers beforehand, in order to ensure accessing the Hangout is a snafu-free experience. Attendees must have their own Google+ account.

Catherine Morgan is a Career Transition and Entrepreneur Coach, and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. She has been employed by KPMG, Arthur Andersen, and Deloitte and brings unique insights to job seekers and small business owners.

Diane Dolinsky-Pickar is a Marketing Strategist and Social Media Whiz, and the founder of Mojo40. She has worked with small businesses and not-for-profits to get them current with the digital world, and has served as a Marketing Lead, Consultant, Journalist, and Project Manager.

The most common problems that I see today for highly educated people over 40 are twofold. First, a huge number of job-hunters are frustrated that they are invisible in job search mode. Second, roughly 80 percent of those who have a job are dissatisfied with their work. They are stumped re how to reinvigorate their work or whether or not to look elsewhere, states Diane Dolinsky-Pickar.

In addition, most everyone in this cohortfolks between the Woodstock generation and the Facebook nationfeels overwhelmed by technology and needs pointers on how to begin and where to focus in order to up their lagging technical skills. We can help you see trends, in order to discover which fields and types of jobs are growing, and which specific innovations are worth knowing. And we can guide you to improve communication skills, a crucial skill set in a world of 24/7 response times.”

Catherine Morgan adds, The statistics I see is that the majority of jobs out there are filled by online and offline networking, and not from posted jobs. If you are not using LinkedIn and other social networks and technology tools, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities.

For more detailed help see: http://www.mojo40.com/faqs-on-google-plus. The event is free and open to all.


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