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The Career Within You Employs the Enneagram Personality Assessment System to Help Recent College Grads Find Careers Suited to Personalities

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2010

In the age of technology, the expanding landscape of the working world is more complex than ever. This is both good and bad news for recent college grads that are now exposed to more career options than they might know what to do with. After four or more years in their chosen course of study, many graduates find themselves at a loss when facing the decision of how to apply their degree, their skills and their personality to an actual career. How do you break the post-college, decision paralysis so many students experience?

Most career advice follow the one-size-fits-all principle. THE CAREER WITHIN YOU (Harper One, January 2010, $ 14.99) celebrates the fact that each person looking for work guidance is different. Readers benefit from being led on an internal journey where they are introduced to nine distinct career types. Elements of each of these in varying amounts are within us, with one being predominant. By the end of the journey the reader will be able to make realistic appraisals of themselves from which to make superior career choices.

This practical-yet-fun career guide employs the Enneagram Personality Assessment System- with its very sizeable audience- to find a career specifically tailored to any reader, by offering a quiz designed to identify their type, and thus, the best career paths for them. In addition, this guide includes quizzes and interactive exercises to both help the reader identify their own strengths, and practical job-hunting tools to launch the perfect career.

About the Authors

Elizabeth Wagele is a foremost expert and one of the most popular writers on the Enneagram. Her published books include The Enneagram Made Easy, which has introduced over 140,000 enthusiasts to the Enneagram personality system and has been translated into 17 languages. Are You My Type, Am I Yours? also co-written with Renee Baron, centers on relationships, subtypes, look-alikes, and famous types. In addition she wrote The Enneagram of Parenting, is regular contributor to Enneagram Monthly, and is often featured at International Enneagram Association conferences. Visit the author online at

Ingrid Stabb is a Yale MBA and organizes career workshops and events. Stabb chairs the career development committee on the international Board of Directors of the Yale School of Management Alumni Association. In 2004 she co-founded a continuing summer internship program designed to introduce college students to various career tracks. Stabb writes the regular column on careers for TALK Journal, a trade journal for business coaches and psychologists who teach the Enneagram.

A marketing executive by profession, Stabb is Director of Internet Sales for Blue Shield of California. Winner of the E*TRADE Presidents Award, she has developed and marketed products for Fortune 500 companies such as E*TRADE Financial, Charles Schwab, and Thrivent Financial as well as a non-profit Russian adoption program for World Child. Most notably, Stabb developed and marketed the first SCORE! Educational Centers for kids, which was sold to the Washington Post in 1997; is now the second-largest network of learning centers in the country, with over 150 centers nationwide.

The Career Within You

How to Find the Perfect Job For Your Personality

By Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb

January 2010, HarperOne, $ 14.99, trade paperback, ISBN 9780061718618


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The Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

The Strong is considered one of the most powerful tools for helping you find your career direction. It will give you your Holland Code which is a 2 or 3 letter code based on the RIASEC system. This code will lead you to understand the types of careers and vocations that could be a good match for you. The Strong is now available at:
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CareerAssessmentSite – Career Assessment Site Podcasts | Blog Talk Radio Feed
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The Impact of the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

The Impact of the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

In her pursuit for long-term career satisfaction, Nathalia Cisneros, first year college student at UC Berkeley shares how the Strong Interest Inventory assessment helped her identify study and career paths more authentically aligned to her personality. The Strong Interest Inventory assessment reveals students’ interest patterns to help guide them through the process of developing self-awareness, exploring academic and career options, and creating rich, fulfilling career goals. It was used by 99 of the top 100 schools on the US New & World Report’s “Best Colleges” for 2011. For more information, visit:

CollegeOnTrack and Human eSources Partner to Bring Personalized Learning Assessment Tools to Schools

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Counselors, parents, and teachers will gain deeper insight into their students, and students will better understand their own strengths and potential, with a partnership that adds Human eSources’ Do What You Are, Learning Styles Inventory, and MI Advantage online assessment tools to CollegeOnTracks college planning platform.

Human eSources has been providing online assessment products for over 15 years, and their offerings are rooted in decades of research on personality type, learning styles, multiple intelligences, and college student success. Thousands of schools in over 60 countries use their tools to motivate students, help them discover their natural gifts, enhance confidence, and make better decisions. The three products they are providing through CollegeOnTrack will allow students to:

????Find career and education paths that match their personalities and interests
????Boost learning aptitude and employment potential by exploiting their multiple intelligences
????Increase academic potential by determining their learning style preferences
When added together, these tools highlight where students will be most successful and help teachers, counselors, and mentors discover the best ways to work with their students.

According to Human eSources CEO Bert Miller, Every student is unique. Effective college planning focuses on a students specific strengths, needs and interests. Parents, counselors, and advisors can help their students by understanding these unique preferences and personalities so students can choose the most successful academic approaches.

This new partnership benefits both companies. It enhances the appeal of CollegeOnTracks college planning package for schools and individuals, and it gives Human eSources a new distribution channel for its assessment tools.

About CollegeOnTrack

CollegeOnTrack was established in 2010 to provide college planning tools for families, schools, and counseling firms. It offers a combination of rich digital portfolios, collaboration support, and task management that helps students build a mindset of success and create strong college applications. The company was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Berkeley Business Plan competition.

CollegeOnTrack ran successful tests last year at high schools in California’s Santa Clara County, where students and teachers have been enthusiastic about the product. It was released to the public in January, 2012.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, contact Philip Roybal at (408) 782-4244, or phil(at) .

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Vantage Learnings IntelliMetric? a Top Performer in Automated Student Assessment Prize Study

Yardley, PA (PRWEB) April 13, 2012

Vantage Learning, a recognized leader in online assessment and instruction, recently ranked high among participants of an analysis on the viability of using automated essay scoring for a new generation of assessments. Vantage was one of nine commercial companies to take part in the Automated Student Assessment Prize, or ASAP, study sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and supported by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

According to the studys results, automated scoring systems, like Vantage Learnings IntelliMetric?, are more reliable than hand scoring. Analysis also found that electronic essay scoring is fast and cost effective. Though past studies of IntelliMetric? have also shown these findings to be true, the ASAP study asserts that it was the first comprehensive, multi-vendor study to test such claims.

In part, the study was designed to evaluate the degree to which current high-stakes writing assessments, as well as those anticipated under the Common Core, may be scored by automated systems. Vantages IntelliMetric? is already the name trusted by several major testing companies for high-stakes assessments. Since its development in 1998, Vantage has applied exceptional artificial intelligence and natural language comprehension technology to become one of the leading providers of writing instruction and automated essay scoring services.

As an intelligent electronic scoring system, IntelliMetric? is also used to score low stakes writing evaluations. One of the most important applications of the program has been in the area of writing instruction. IntelliMetric? provides students with the ability to conduct numerous attempts at writing assignments, as well as immediate, detailed feedback on their writing. As the scoring engine behind MY Access!? and other , IntelliMetric? is widely used in classrooms throughout the world and has won numerous awards for its patented innovation.

The clear takeaway from the ASAP study is that automated essay scoring works, and works well, said Dr. Matthew Schultz, Director Psychometric Services for Vantage. For us, we also see that our scoring engine works well, and possibly better than some, with the added resources that the platform brings to teaching and improving writing.

More than 16,000 essays from six participating state departments of education were released for the study, which challenged the participating vendors to approximate established essay scores with their software. These essays encompassed writing assessment items from seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Though IntelliMetric? performed consistently well in the study, it did exceedingly well scoring persuasive and source-based essays that were scored on a six point rubric.

For more about the study and its findings, please see yesterdays ASAP press announcement.

About Vantage Learning

A recognized leader in online assessment and instruction, Vantage Learning creates Adaptive Learning Environments to support student achievement and school improvement. Formed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving education industry, Vantage provides educators with sophisticated knowledge and immediate feedback solutions to enhance and support a continuous learning process. Its exceptional technology, including artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and web-based learning objects, provides adaptive resources for individualized instruction and professional development.

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Career Aptitude Assessment Test 1

The aim of these tests is to assist you to see where your major interests lie at the present time. They may well change, although, in most people, interests, like personality and abilities, remain remarkably stable. Having established where your interests are, the objective is to relate them to different careers. The process is designed to assist you to choose from different avenues of opportunity.
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Free Career Assessment Tests, Career Tests & Career Search Take a Career assessment at and start your career. Free work values assessment career testing. Career tests. Http
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Free Career Assessment Services offers Free Career Assessment Services and Online GED prep. Learn about careers and colleges that will help you take the next big step in your life. Career Values Assessment – Does the career you’re in (or thinking about) really satisfy your needs? Ensure that your career path is in synch with your value system. Career Personality Test – Pinpoint your workplace strengths and learn which professions best compliment your unique personality. Career Interest Inventory – Make your job a profession that interests you and filled with people who have the same interests. Career Skills Profiler – Take a personal inventory online of your skills and uses that information to help construct a career path. // created at
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